Factivists started out as two girls on Instagram, posting about politics, women’s issues and the environment. We just wanted to get our opinions out there and to try and influence the world in whatever little ways we could. As our reach grew, we realized through the intellectual debates in the comment section and the incredible discussions on DM that there are so many young people out there with a dizzying number of unique ideas - people who genuinely want to make the world better. These voices can make some headway on social media, but are lost outside of the sheltered worlds of Instagram and Tumblr. And that bothered us.


Factivists is a platform for young people all over the world to publish their ideas on important issues and express them however they can, while talking about things that matter to them. Too often, the voices of teens and young adults are silenced - and Factivists is a place where you can be heard.  So whether it's writing, photography, art or film, your ideas have the power to influence thousands of people - make them count.

Whether it's writing, photography, art, or film, your ideas have the power to influence thousands of people - make them count.

Why you should contribute

Aside from the liberation and satisfaction, you gain by starting a conversation about issues that affect you. You can use this as a way to increase the audience for your work, and if you are a high school student, it is a great way for you to develop a sharper political mind that will help you significantly in your university career. Everything published here will be with full credit; the links from your work can be included on resumes, job applications, and portfolios, and can show people your abilities and your consistent efforts


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