Pretty Perfect

Here's the thing- everyone's so fixated on their own imperfections that they tend not to notice yours.

In Defense of Modern Feminism

Under law, women are treated equally. But sentences on legal documents cannot dissolve the deeper cultural attitudes that undermine equality

Jokes From Inside a Bubble

People who have the privilege of never facing harassment have capitalized on hysteria, all for the sake of a quick joke.


I began doing gender bent art a few months ago and it received a lot of positive attention. Many people seemed to like the unique yet...

Art Submission: Lucky Little Queer

Hi! My name is KJ Forman and I am a non-binary feminist artist based in Ottawa, Canada that works under the pseudonym, Lucky Little...

PinkWashing by QueerDesi

QueerDesi is a student-run organisation that aims to highlight the struggles of the LGBT+ community in the Indian subcontinent. This...

Australia on Fire

It looks like an apocalypse everywhere. Everything's black. The skies are grey or orange. The sun is red. I haven’t seen blue skies in weeks

Arguing on the Internet

Created by Rachel Pang Comics This cute infographic comic shows you how to practice online activism in the best way possible!

The protests in Hong Kong, Explained

By Ishita Gupta How one man's attempt to murder his pregnant girlfriend sparked a national movement. One Country, Two Systems A British...

Fireworks: Celebration or Cruelty?

By Sania Merchant Diwali is an Indian festival, celebrated annually throughout the country & is known as “The Festival of Lights” for its...

Art Submission: Diwali

Art and caption submitted by Khushi Sridhar Diwali - the festival of lights and the most awaited and celebrated festival in India. This...

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