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Art Submission: Lucky Little Queer

Hi! My name is KJ Forman and I am a non-binary feminist artist based in Ottawa, Canada that works under the pseudonym, Lucky Little Queer. I create visual art speaking to my LGBTQ experience that has a feminist and sex-positive focus. My goal is to create positive, affirmative pieces that can be used as a tool to connect and bond with other marginalized people in a way that celebrates lived experience and resilience.

The "I am Full of Anxiety" piece is something I actually originally doodled in a clinic waiting room waiting to get my mood stabilizer medication refilled. Art is always something I have used as a tool to find comfort and healing, and the fact that it's one of my most popular pieces makes me feel part of such a bigger community and movement. I've had folks tell me that their t-shirts or mugs with this design on them starts a bigger conversation about mental health and stigma, and I'm so proud to be part of that! 

The "I Will Allow Myself Grace" piece is based on a phrase I've learned to use as a mantra through my time in therapy. My therapist often ends a session encouraging me to allow myself some grace between our times together, and whenever I'm being hard on myself (which is often), I try to remind myself that I deserve to be patient and kind and compassionate with myself. The purple hyacinth that I drew represents forgiveness - I find that incorporating flowers with symbolism that corresponds with mantras like these helps me find peace in my anxiety brain. 

The "Sainthood" painting is about when I was in Catholic school, a teacher of mine told me that if I chose not to forgive my rapist for what he did to me, I was selfish. This piece is my act of reclaiming this selfishness by choosing to forgive myself and not my abuser. I am still a good person if I choose not to forgive people who have hurt me - what makes me good is the strength and kindness I try to show to myself and others. 

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