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"Females in Film"creator writes about her experience navigating the film industry as a woman, the struggles and harassment that women often face from their colleagues, and how her Instagram page has provided a safe space for survivors, as well as education for those who are not aware of the behaviors that occur.

Trigger warning: this article contains mentions of sexual assault, harassment, and rape. Please proceed with caution.

I work in the Film and TV industry, I started in 2018 after graduating from University, so I haven’t had too much experience. However, as soon as I stepped on set I notice rape culture was very present, which shocked me, especially as MeToo was a movement that was well underway. I was naïve into thinking that crew and cast would act professionally on set. After a few months of receiving; sexism, slut shaming, verbal sexual harassment and eventually being sexually assaulted and raped by a colleague, I realized I didn’t want to accept this behavior as normal. 

It took some time for me to fully get a grasp on how I wanted to help others in creative industries but eventually I created my Instagram page as a platform to share information on charities, organisations, coping mechanisms, statistics, quotes – general advice to help people at any part of their healing process. I also share stories and accounts from myself and other survivors, this allows them a chance to share their story and have the weight lifted from them even if it is anonymously, doing this then allows my followers and others to read these stories and share words of support. It also allows people to feel as though they can open up and send me their experiences as well.

Some people have never shared their stories with anyone before private messaging myself, I think the anonymity of who I am really helps along with me being so open about my own story and where I am on my recovery. 

I can’t forget to mention that this profile isn’t just for survivors but it is for educating those people who are naïve to these behaviors. I want to make people think. I want to make people realise that this is our reality and that rape culture has become such a social norm and hopefully we will be able realign these social norms and change societies mindset towards this behavior. 

This page is for myself as much as it is for others, something that I didn’t have access to but would have liked to have in my time of need. I really hope it’s helping others as much as it is helping me.