• Factivists


I began doing gender bent art a few months ago and it received a lot of positive attention.

Many people seemed to like the unique yet familiar twist on their already favourite characters. Genderbends give a different feel to each character, which felt new and exciting. I've had people message me and let me know that my art inspired them to cosplay their favorite characters. At the same time, they can be comfortable with cosplaying the characters as whichever gender they chose.

The purpose of my art was not to take away representation from any community. It simply started as a fun art experiment which grew and now it's something that I find immense excitement in creating.

My name is Fariha but I usually go by the name of my Instagram art handle, @faiebae. Most of my genderbent art is drawn and coloured from scratch with reference to scenes or screenshots of TV shows. One of my most popular pieces of genderbent art is from a TV show called She-Ra and The Princesses of Power. After the success of that piece, I thought that I would try to expand into another fandom that I love - Disney.

Elsa is the first Disney princess that I've tried to genderbend and the pictures were edited on Photoshop. It didn't take me more than an hour to edit each image because I was so happy trying to put my own twist on characters that I love so much. I hope to make more edits for other Disney princesses soon!”