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Jokes From Inside a Bubble

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

2020 is less than two months old and has already established itself as a year of turmoil, with international conflict and new diseases taking over the headlines. For better or worse, the youth of today have decided to cope by cracking jokes and posting memes. While that’s always been the case, there’s a certain lack of tact with this latest wave, as those making the jokes often aren’t the real victims and in fact face little risk of harm. It’s a privilege to be able to joke about things like “world war three” and the Coronavirus when the odds are low that you’ll ever be affected by them directly.

The truth is that there’s no sight of American tensions leading to a third world war or the Coronavirus leading to a deadly plague, but vulnerable groups are visibly harmed by this every day. As one of the headlines at the bottom of the post implies, many Iranian-Americans feel otherwise in their own homes. A similar tension has been seen with the Coronavirus, as many Asian-Americans endure racism born of hysteria over a disease that’s a lower risk than the common flu.

People who have the privilege of never facing such harassment have capitalized on the hysteria, all for the sake of a quick joke. Maybe they don’t realize it, but they live inside a bubble.