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Society: A Poem

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

A poem submission by Cerys Kennedy

We bend We break Under society's rule, Sent to school, To learn To discern Between good and easy It's pleasing To just fly on by Without care Without sight To pretend that everything's alright, Society Reality One in the same? Never! Forever forgotten We choose to forget Our sisters And misters And all in-between They all scream But we deafen them Through society's law We show them every tear Every flaw And say That 'everything's okay' But it's not We forgot Our brother's And mother's And son's And daughter's We shudder And turn Try to discern Between our rights, To fight Society, And our obligation to Obey it Why do we show Respect for a corrupt and broken World When we can't even respect Our own human race? Our faces Are better Than our souls! SO SAYS SOCIETY'S RULES We scream But are not heard In school Try to learn But we only see This emotion known as Misery! Where is our joy When we are abused like a toy? In this game That Society made To play And say That 'Everything's okay' How can happiness Find our hearts Broken apart In a grasp so tight We fight But are choked of our right To be us To be real To feel To be free This is SOCIETY This is INSANITY We stand Only to fall Against the wall Society built Brimming with guilt Abandoned With no reason The seasons Will change and fade And what society made Will be shattered Like a mirror Reflecting Projecting The truth Held back In the black Of our generation And our obligation Is no more! Score against The losing team, Society! In the end Who is your friend? Who is by your side To realise the truth Has been here, Don't turn a deaf ear! Listen And remember Your people Your children Your siblings And brethren All forgotten Lost in the heat Stand for them! Not for this false freedom This generation Will not bend anymore! We will never again break Under society's war.