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Submission: “pro-life” or “anti-Woman”?

Lari Kohlrabi writes about her thoughts on the pro-life movement.

If you don’t want to explain to your daughter why her body was better protected by law while she couldn’t even feel pain, you should probably read this article and be open to a respectful discussion. – With me. A female “pro-choice” activist from a Christian country.

Let’s debunk the first myth about foetuses. That one myth I played with in the first paragraph. If you think a foetus can feel pain – you are wrong. Even on a factual basis. If you stay here and read the article, you will learn (for example) that an embryo and even a foetus isn’t able to feel pain until the pain receptors are fully developed. The pain receptors develop between the twentieth and twenty-second Week, between the fourth and fifth month, after the second trimester. If you had to abort a foetus before that time, that foetus wouldn’t be able to feel any pain. Some studies show that a foetus can’t feel pain until the thirty-third and the thirty-fifth Week. If your argument was, that you don’t want the foetus to feel pain while it gets aborted, I am very happy to tell you, that a foetus isn’t able to feel its abortion.

“But what about their heartbeat?” you may ask. The heartbeat you can hear after the fifth week doesn’t come from a fully developed heart. The “heartbeat” isn’t comparable to the heartbeat of a fully developed human. The heartbeat of the foetus is produced by the working heart cells. The heart is developed in its structure after tenth weeks. And only after tenth weeks it starts to pound blood through the foetus. But the foetus wouldn’t be able to life on its own after tenth weeks. Many pregnancies even get naturally aborted during this time.

The heartbeat doesn’t make a baby. The heart structure doesn’t make a baby. What makes a Baby? A soul? How can some cells who could not even fell pain have a soul? If you think that cells without a heart and no pain receptors have a soul, you should better be a vegan and an animal-rights activist. If you think a soul makes a foetus worth to protect you should know that every other being (that’s outside of the womb) can feel pain, has a heartbeat that’s more like a human heartbeat and has a fully developed heart. If you don’t want to hurt an embryo because of that “soul aspect” you should better not eat meat and not hit flies, mosquitos or spiders. Because all these animals are more developed than a human embryo. Even intelligence can’t be a factor because pigs can feel pain, have a heart and a heartbeat and are as intelligence as a three-year-old human being.

A foetus can’t feel any pain until the twenty-second week. But a Woman can. She can feel all the pain her body goes through while she is pregnant. She must deal with all the complications. She needs to take her life on a break for nine months. And if she doesn’t want a child, she must go through all that anyways. A pregnancy isn ́t just “cute Beyoncé-like belly pictures”. It’s hard work for the woman and her body and that’s why women died often enough in the past while giving birth. And they still die today, even in rich countries. Should a woman go trough that just because some old white man decided that she must bring this baby into this word? (The World, that is currently in a bad condition).

But maybe the woman doesn’t want to abort because of a health-issue. Maybe she want’s an abortion because she wants to give her child the best opportunities. The same as most “pro-lifers” claim. But do you really want the best for a child when you know the mother can’t afford a good education, when the mother can’t afford a healthy lifestyle and can’t afford some little extra luxuries like an opportunity to watch their favorite sports team life. That is not “the best” for a child. And it’s not even “the best” for all birthed children that life on this planet. Why don’t you try to fix these lives first before thinking about making another child have a hard upbringing? And – you should not lie to yourself- the foster system is bad and already overfilled. If you want a woman, who can’t afford a child, force to birth a child you aren’t pro-life. You are “anti-woman” and “anti-birthed-children.”

“if she can’t afford a child, she shouldn’t have sex!” That statement isn’t true. Sex isn’t just an activity to produce a child. You can do it to feel near to your partner, to bound with a partner and relax after a long day of work. If she is old enough to have sex, she is old enough to be good informed about the “bees and flowers” and how to prevent pregnancy. She can get pregnant through unwanted sexual activities (not every woman is required to take a birth control to prevent a pregnancy just because there always is a chance to get ra*ed.) She can get pregnant if there happened a mistake in the production of her birth control kit. You can even have a good birth control pill but sadly got diarrhoea. Maybe not thin enough or painful enough to identify as diarrhoea just a bit of a nervous stomach. And there seems to be no need to take the birth control a second time. That is not a childish decision to have unprotected sex – it’s an accident. And if the woman has a slightly longer menstrual cycle than most women (35 days for example) she won’t know that she is pregnant until the foetus already has developed heart cells.

She won't even be able to get herself checked If her body is healthy enough to birth a child. She won’t even be able to think about her circumstances and if they allow her to birth a child if you go by the “heartbeat bill”.

I would like to be able to say, that no one in the world needs an abortion. Because every woman wants children, is healthy enough for pregnancy, is financially stable enough for a child. But that’s not the case. But what I can say is, that no women would take an abortion on the easy hand.

And I don’t say that, we as women, should be allowed to abort a foetus up to the ninth month. But what about a liberal abortion law? An abortion law where the woman has enough time to figure out her pregnancy, to figure out if she is healthy enough if she can afford a child and if there are people who might help her if she needs it.

An abortion law like the abortion law in the Netherlands. You can abort a foetus until it is 22 weeks old, it doesn’t feel pain at this point and the foetus can’t live on its own. After you went to your Doctor’s appointment to get informed about the abortion you must think five days about your decision. And you should be allowed to abort later in the pregnancy if the mother’s life is at risk. I think that is a liberal and fair law – for everyone involved. The Child and the Woman.

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