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Youth and Cancel Culture: A Research Project

By Mia Colella

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This research project aims to explore a new phenomenon known as Cancel Culture that has become a prominent part of both social media and other forms of mainstream media. Influential figures are being brought to justice for their controversial actions and behaviours in the form of social humiliation and reputation tarnishing. There are obvious positive and negative effects of cancel culture that poses questions. Has it gone too far? Is it necessary? Is it representative of a progressive generation or society?

My research project aims to answer these questions! I am specifically looking at its effects on youth identity. That’s why I am conducting this survey/questionnaire in order to gain results from a GenZ demographic to understand its impacts: both the positive and the negative. These results will supplement the findings of my research project, making it more accurate and valid.

The completion of this research process will expose new and unseen repercussions of Cancel Culture on youth identity. This could be beneficial in understanding this new found social justice system we have built.

With the research findings from both this questionnaire and extensive secondary research I will be able to form judgements and educated opinions, producing a possible answer to a question that hasn’t been fully explored. It is common for people to believe that cancel culture is either 100% beneficial entirely negative and unnecessary. However, it's important to form educated and informed opinions on what the actual implications are for youth and identity in general. I hope my research project will be that - a more informed and unbiased judgement with actual facts and a clear point to explore. Cancel culture needs to be examined more seriously - it has proven itself to be more than just a trend. In a sense, it's a movement. It's the reflection of a new generations' values and expectations.

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